Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I Can't Amanda Sharp

Wednesday, 18 May 2011 at 16:08 ·
  • I Can't accept..I overslept!My curtains drawn, Annoying, yawn.
    Muscles spasm, to sarcasm.
    Tears now flowing, Red nose blowing.
    Body fizzing,aching. .grizzling.
    Wry neck, Rain check.
    Frozen shoulder , Feeling colder.
    Cup of tea , Time for me.
  • Mind racing, desperate pacing.
  • Slowly waking, bed making.
    Small evil claws
    cut deep. Another weep.
    Down the stairs, amongst the stares.
    Stumble, fumble.
  • Wheelchair ready, take it steady.
  • Out the door, tears, no more.
  • Keys in hand, smiling grand

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