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If you think Darling Buds of May had some interesting childrens names...

Monday, 24 August 2009 at 20:49 ·
What did you name your child and how did you come up with the name??........

My 6th child:
Candy- because whilst was pregnant I picked up a newspaper for the verfirst time and began reading it cover to cover for the pure hell of it and with it camea free cd by Kathryn Williams called Candy says ..the lyrics meant something to me at the time and I just knew I wanted my baby to b called Candy
Candie – was the abbreviation of this name too and based upon general feeling that Candy sounded like a hookers name I looked for other versions but when I reaised at 27 weeks that I really might lose my baby I noticed as I wrote out her names that it spelt Can Die ..It made me feel awful and when it came to registering the birth I spoke to mum and we agreed adding her name would give me Candice and it felt just right!
Candice – the name that you with all of Chloes initials together – it means pure
Chloe- blooming (-oe:
Amabel- loved one
Natasha- after Kinski a movie Victoria and I watched with FIBS , Oh yes. And it means a child of Christmas which is when I was expected to have her originally as up until her I’d always gone to 42 weeks !!
Desiree-after my girlfriend at the time whose shoulder I cried on that year ,she lived in Hong Kong and we spoke over the net weekly and met up in the Summer two years on the trot-Oh It means ‘desired’
Imogen- taken from Cymboline who loved Posthumus great book..Shakespeares last hurra and mine too! quote : “I would have broke my eye-strings, crack’d them, but To look upon him, till the diminution Of space had pointed him sharp as my needle: Nay, followed him, till he had melted from The smallness of a gnat, to air: and then Have turned my eyes, and wept.” – BTW it means ‘innocent’.
Carol- joyous song and of course my middle name and mums 1st name !!
E+++lastname – because I registered her alone and her dad could not to be present to register her birth and that was my last name at the time.
Now that she has her daddy home she has changed her name by depole to CC Sharp (Chloe Carol Sharp , CC meaning the 6th !)

My 5th child
QUTIE ..and what a cutie he was !!
Quentin after Tarantino would you believ but also because he was my 5th child and it just seemed nicer than Mambo number 5 which was also suggested at the time by Andy and the kids.
Ullysses ..from the book..another fav of mine ‘In ward wary the watcher hearing come that man mildhearted eft rising with swire ywimpled to him her gate wide undid. Lo, levin leaping lightens in eyeblink Ireland's westward welkin. Full she dread that God the Wreaker all mankind would fordo with water for his evil sins. Christ's rood made she on breastbone and him drew that he would rathe infare under her thatch. That man her will wotting worthful went in Horne's house.
– it means angry one and by golly was he and is he ever the angry one ..he came out angry and I swear he lives up to his name!
Timothy – honouring god – one of my fav boys names and chosen to compliment Phoebes names
Iain , suggested by granddad Dave and I liked it so much I added it at the last minute

My fourth child:
PJSEast was A++’s aol screen name when I first met him online. He said it stood for Paul John Smith and that he was in the South East. Of course he later confessed it was all rubbish and he was called Andy …funny no one called him that in his family they all thought it odd that I called him A+++ .Anyway I wanted to use those initials and had she been a boy she would hae been Paul James Simon of Pjs for short.
Phoebe - the wise
Jayne –means god’s gracious gift.. plus I had always loved the name Jayne I even suggested it when mum had Sam!!! She was indeed a gift…I had actually miscarried a baby just a few weeks before her conception with the mirena coil in place. I was surprised to find that I would fall so quickly.Anyway I spent that xmas in hospital I miscarried again and I was due for a d n c in the morning but I felt so sick and I could not go through with it without being show a scan . We looked at the screen and expected to hear confirmation of the miscarriage and instead we were shown our Phoebe on the screen a non identical twin ..thi was the 2nd time that I as told that I was ovulating overtime and that I had obviously had two separate about that for a gift ..
Serena – tranquil…mainly because poor phoebe was my most peaceful baby inside me I never felt her move and rarely felt her kick as a result of which she was my most monitored baby as they had to trace her movements practically daily towards the end of my preganancy to be sure that she was ok.
E++++last name

My 3rd child:
Sophia – I actually wanted Sofia as in Queen of Spain but decided to go with UKversion- it means wisdom
Mina – in remembrance of
Irene – peace, It was my nanny’s name and I was sure she would have liked to see I had thought of her.
At the time I was having a bad time with my ex and I really was convinced that having a baby girl would finally bring us the peace we needed after such a hard time.As I have mentioned before we lost everything when we left the US and when I was pregnant we were finally housed and I really did believe that if I changed the name I was thinking of for my baby I might actually make a much needed girl..I had until then insisted my daughter would be Amelia half Amanda half Exhubbys name but my ex mother inlaw and my ex sister in law said that they had never heard of such a stupid reason to come up with a name and that the devil was at work and that if I continued to insist that I would name my child that I would continue to miscarry and be cursed with another son..weird huh?

My second child:
Xavier - Okay originally he was going to be Salvatore named after a very respected friend of the family who I adored, sadly . before x was born he died in his wifes arms and I thought it kinder to seek a new name. It means ‘bright’ I liked the idea of the fact that Salvatore was Saviour and that Xavier would sound similar .Coincidentally My Gps middle name was Xavier at the time so it was familiar to me and I figured that I would shorten it to Chevi you remember how it just never stuck?
Alexander – ‘protector of men’ after Alexander the great ‘to defend’ another popular name in the family tree
Pietro – the very first C+++last name on his family tree 1917, it had been used time and time again and it means rock stone , theres a lovely bit in the bible ‘thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church’..Xavier was my rock ,my stabiliser and still is !

My first child:
VALC Valencia/ Alicante luggage tags on my suitcase inspired this one!!
Victor – after Grandad and Victoria, it means conqueror, and was used in the bible in reference to Christ’s victory over death.
Alberto- Emilios fathers name,one of those every 1st born son name thingys…it means noble/bright
Lorenzo – Emilio’s middle name and Albertos 2nd midde name etc etc ..this one comes from the term ‘laurentius’ of Laurentium an ancient Italian town of olive groves.The first of whom was martyred in 258 by being roasted on a gridiron!!

Okay your turn ....  please post your unusual names I love hearing about them -having gone through a grand total of 15 pregnancies I spent a lot of my time looking at baby name origins books ...

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