Wednesday, 21 March 2012

So who do you want me to be now ?

Sunday, 1 May 2011 at 21:13 ·
So Who do you want me to be now? ..
The victim of a high speed crash?
A famous swimmer on a high board - splash!
A bored secretary handling petty cash?
A Mum whose moaning 'bout  nappy rash.

No! Had my Mum time when tandem feeding.
How  about cars?..  the pleasure of speeding?
Begging for mercy on my knees pleading?
Or is that the  Librarian lost in her  reading?
The smile on her face,nothing more than misleading!

An interpreter pondering, translating
The risk taker, off, tired of blind dating
The artist within , still painting, creating
The  woman within, ready and waiting

So what's in store in my next chapter?
will I escape my imaginary captor?
After all  have I not played the actor,
the great adapter?

When a childhood of abuse,
could have turned me into the perfect recluse.
Destiny leads me to a new awareness
Away from thoughts of life's unfairness.

Time now for a round of applause.
As I look from within for my own life cause.
So who do you want me to be now?
I am ready to take my final bow.


  1. Hey Amanda, thanks for introducing me to the world of blogging, your blogs look very interesting.

  2. It's funny now when I look at some of the blogs I had saved from the old NHS site - how things have moved forward in so many ways and yet inside the emotions are still the same - thanks for the comment Natalie - keep blogging its good for you to just let it out !