Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Teenage Dares

b Sunday, 15 March 2009 at 11:23 ·
I thought I had better write a note regarding teenage dares and the feeling of thinking they can handle anything by themselves. I have always been proud of my eldest son Victor ,he like most teenagers has made mistakes the biggest almost costing him his life. Just 24 hours ago he was facing the reality of having drunk 2 litres of vodka at a party that I did not even know he was attending! The kids panicked and loaded his unconscious body onto a snow board and dragged him up the road.They called me to say he was unwell .When I arrived he was laying face down unresponsive. Trousers down,no shoes .I bundled him into the car I saw two young boys who I did not recognise who I assumed had come out from the church hall as lights were on there and the door was opened.I much later discovered these were the other friends of Victors who had been called my someone at the party but that they had no idea the severity of the situation.
On arriving at hospital the crew took over resus. It was not until 3am that he was able to be moved to a ward. He received 3 litres of fluids in the trauma unit ,he was intubated and set up on oxygen and Iv. When Victor finally awoke he had no recollection of what he had been through at the hospital.Fortunately he was then discharged yesterday afternoon.
I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. I just hope this serves as a warning to anyone considering downing such a large quantity of alcohol,my boy almost lost his life ,thankfully he is home now and feeling better.Vic at 1.30am taken on my mob phone.

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