Wednesday, 21 March 2012

This too shall Pass a mantra based upon Eckhart Tolle teachings and some other personal experiences and such ..

- Adapted for my MHUDS support group written  Wednesday, 15 June 2011 at 14:47 ·
When illness first creeps in your life
And threatens to employ
The very thoughts inside your head,
attacking its balance and Joy;
Or when anothers words
Threaten everything worthwhile,
With clouds of darkness and despair,
You may loose it for awhile;
Just bow your head in protest
Ignore what's in your past,
And tell yourself:
“This too, shall pass .”

When you are over-troubled
With life’s misery and gloom;
When you feel yourself so angry
You could beat 'em with a broom;
When yawns overcome you
And you yearn for one last rest,
Just coping with  the day leaves you
Discouraged and depressed;
You've lost that song within your heart;
As you walk across the grass;
So turn your thoughts to presence for
“This too, shall pass .”

When fate smiles upon you,
And your cup is overflowing;
When everything you wanted,
comes together, just 'knowing';
When days and weeks go flitting by
With happiness replete;
And you desire nothing more than solitude
To make your life complete;
Beware those tainted visions
As you look into your empty glass,
And hear again these comfort words:
“This too, shall pass.”

And so remember well these words,
'Let your diagnosis be',
For groups are ever changing
You'll find a friend , you'll see.
Our thoughts may  turn to sadness
As the sunshine disappears,
Anxiety,depression hide away
When MHUDS has calmed our fears.
Leave your troubles at the door,
This life is but one extended class.
We love our group, and yet we know
“This too, shall pass .”

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