Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Why do I refer to myself as a hummingbird?

Inspired by a you tube clip .Hummingbird story having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I treated myself to a hummingbird lapel pin , I loved the clip - I hope you do too .
I began to blog with my first ever title 'I will be a Hummingbird too! - Will you?  '

Today I discovered sadly that my many hours of poetry,blogging and story telling have all been archived and so I have decided to start a fresh as much for my children and family as for myself and anyone else who is just curious .. so If you are reading this I hope you will bear with me and my fibrofog style of writing as I dart around much like a hummingbird ,just doing the best I can.
 I hope by blogging about my life I will inspire others to do their little bit too ,whatever  it is as you can see from the short clip it is far easier to stand by and watch, do nothing ..but take pride spread your wings  and keep adding those little drops of water ...you never know what might happen next

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