Saturday, 28 April 2012

Another week passes me by.. I CAN!

This week began with my usual hospital appointment followed by being taken to A&E following another bout of tachycardia (my heart rate slowing down an going into an irregular beat) . They insisted on Xrays and plumbed me up with more needles, electrodes and monitors for the afternoon ,but as seems to be often the case with my health history no clear explanation could be found, just that something was wrong , they eventually let me come home and I visited my Gp the very next day. Fortunately he was able to figure out that I had yet another mystery chronic infection and placed me on antibiotics. The week passed quite quickly and by Thursday evening I was feeling much more like my old self again .
 I have been working at home now since March of this year and decided to go along to one of the companies many meeting evenings. It was great fun , as usual I cam back having learnt a lot more about the products and how the company has been helping people save money over the last 27 years with its unique formula of customer direct sale club. I am finding all the usual challenges along the way of learning how to build a better business and what I suddenly realised was that it all comes down to planning and using your time effectively and enjoying every minute. I think most of us shower or bathe, pamper ourselves with scent,makeup,skincare,we all clean our homes whether we actually enjoy the process or not is down to the individual. Personally I have a very messy household and I don't have the energy to have what I refer to as a show home for visitors. My grocery shopping these days consists of short trips out to buy fresh fruit,veg and generally takes me about an hour including the travel time and unpacking time. The rest of my shopping, my laundry products,health foods, dietary supplements,skincare,makeup and toiletries like soap and toothpaste along with toilet cleaner etc I purchase once a month . These are new habits, developed over trial and error. My priority is health and safer for my family products,followed by value for money and of course value of my time.  There was a time when I had the time and energy to browse several shops , dig out the special offers and hunt down the bargains, I loved to be out every day. But due to my health I have had to learn to pace myself . I still want to be independent , i want to handpick my shopping and decided that is best for me and my family. Change is not something I have ever been very good at , I was very fixed in my ways , I was the mum who stuck to the same 20 or so recipes and just kept repeating them over the month thinking that was the best option. Now I spend less time shopping and more time enjoying what I have purchased. This means I have time to browse new recipes, try new things, experiment and enjoy teaching my kids how to make recipes from scratch , which as it turns out has also begun to save me money. Every meal night feels like a treat , it is not so dull and boring that we feel the need to take a break and order a take away , and we can now afford the luxury of the occasional meal out . Also as I changed brands I had to find more effective products , for example I was getting very frustrated with the amount of effort and time I was wasting only to find my hard work undone in a matter of a couple of hours of the children coming home.
 Now I relax more as the products are  quicker ,taking less effort and time to actually clean up the mess  allowing more time with my kids to talk to them and hear their stories of daily things rather than communicating in a nagging manner as to how could they leave so much laundry, dirty dishes, toothpaste on the tiles , lipstick smudged into the carpet etc etc .
 I guess what I have discovered is that whilst I am resistant to change when someone teaches me and encourages me showing me how to introduce those changes I can do it. I CAN!

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