Saturday, 11 August 2012

Making Mums smile - adding to their face value LOL!

Accidents happen - it's okay so long as you have the right tools to tackle them:-)
 I saw a post today ( I used it for the title of the blog) and it made me smile. 
As a mum we are often judged by the cleanliness of our homes but we are equally judged when things are too clean so how do we strike a balance.
I suffered terrible migraines and began oxygen therapy and was diagnosed with allergic asthma source uknown.
 I went through a period of time when I was a new mum of worrying over everything my son came into contact with. By the time I had my 6th child I was overwhelemed by the sheer fact that whenever I went into the kids bathroom it looked like no one had cleaned it in days - a thankless task. I became lovingly known as MRS MOP ! I was inevitably referred to see a CBT specialist to address what outwardly seemed to be a case of OCD and very soon convinced them that in fact my cleaning routine came out of neccesity due to sheer quantity of people in the house - each weekend we had as many as 30 of us and some parties we have had 70 in the house . They discharged me with a note saying  I had responded very positively to the CBT course but that unless things changed drastically with other members of the household I would have difficulty putting any of the tips I learned into place as there simply were not enough hours in the day to achieve everything that I wanted to do as a Mum .
I  found out that I had allergic Asthma due to inhalation of cleaning products and continues cleaning habits and began removing some chemical from my home but this year I took my sisters advice and got rid of them all. I had to  admit that it was time to change the habits of a lifetime ad reclaim some time for me in the process.
The kids bathroom - I had to face the fact that I needed to ask them to help me keep it the way I liked it !
 I started with small challenges and got new products that were safer for me , safer for the kids and even better came in small concentrated recyclable packaging cutting down on waste and found I was able to encourage the children to help me keep their bathroom looking the way I wanted it .It took less time , which gave me more time to mess about and be creative with them so it was a win win situation.
My carer soaked the blocked shower saving me and my fix it guy another repair job.
 I still have a carer who comes to look after me as I am still recovering and as yet unable to take a shower without being supervised and even she enjoyed the new products and tackled the broken shower head by simply soaking it whilst she washed my hair with a jug - if we had realised how quickly the limescale would have come out we might not have bothered with jug at all lol ! What I have come to realise is that you are always learning new things and it is okay to admit that you may not have always got it right . You can only do the best you can !
Life in my house is inevitably grubby, with football,Hockey,art,craft and parties but now I can relax knowing I am not alone .
Now I am in my 8th month of a new cleaning routine , I was resistent to change , I did not think chemical free cleaning would work but by taking up the challenge with the support of my kids and carer we have turned the house around . We even have had fun dividing up the chores together thanks to some loving tips and a magnetic organiser from my new life coach Tarryn Hunt.
 My son loves bubbles so he is the master of the mop now and is also in charge of cleaning out the bath . My daughter loves to freshen up all the upholstery and carpets because it involves a spray nozzle  - her rug has never been more loved. In fact I see an overall change in all 6 of my children .
 I had always encouraged them to be creative and had been more than laid back about artistic or baking mess but had not encouraged them to clean up after themselves .
I had felt that was my duty as their mother and guilt set in as clearly the mess only seemed to bother me but sometimes asking for a little help and encouraging them to realise its okay to have fun drawing on the windows, tiles and floors but someone needs to clean it up and it does not always have to be me is a pleasant change.


  1. You are so inspirational hun, can't wait to learn all about these fantastic natural cleaners!! Caroline x

  2. This is really inspirational - I could use a little bit of help in the cleaning area too - maybe chemical free is the way to go. Which products are you using?