Sunday, 5 August 2012

Taking a look back at babysteps ..and my baby sister who is 15 years younger than me ..

In 2001 I was a mum of 5 and I was living in Chaos (Can't Have Anyone Over Sydrome) I discovered that many of my NCT friends had found an incredible email support buddy from the USA known as The Fly Lady. At the time you signed up to receive daily guides on how to tackle your everyday worst chores. It became a game and by the time I had drawn up my zones and had followed her terrific guidelines in taking babysteps into loving my house again I really began to form a great network of support . These days Social media and networking has come a long way and it was with great pleasure that I found Fly Lady has bloomed with an incredible amount of followers both on the forum and facebook .  Even now 11 years later I still pop my shoes on to get busy , I love my 15 minute fling tasks and whilst the children do make a mess I am now more than ever equipped with the tools I need to get on top of the daily mess they create .  I would say the only thing that has changed are the products I use . I was introduced to chemical free cleaning by my sister who has 3 children under the age of 5 and like me wanted an easy and safe way to get results particularly without having to worry about the kids touching or licking the surfaces you have just wiped down . I like most mums had never really looked at the labels or for that matter on the instructions on my cleaning products. It was a shock to see that most of what was under my sink had huge warnings - to wear protective clothing,use in a well ventilated room,keep away from children ,chemicals like ammonia,formaldehyde which are not only caustic on your skin but actually give off some pretty good toxic vapour into the air . Well I took the information on board and could see what she could see in choosing safer products . I too help her by referring customers in the UK now whist she is doing amazingly well building her business from the USA as  Global leader. I think the key thing is we are creatures of habit , we do not like change and we are seduced by media marketing . I would say that I was the biggest skeptic when it came to changing not only my routine but the products I used too . But I am glad I was not daft enough to say No without at least trying to understand what it was I was being asked to see.  I would advise anyone to take a chance on change , when someone has the ability to show you something new listen and when you have listened and done your research and decided that it is not for you then it is absolutely okay to say NO It's not for me. But never assume like I did that your way is the only way we have so much to learn even from younger sisters - Love you Sam - keep going you have given me a great start and I am so proud that as a single Mum you are still just Doing the Best You Can !

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