Saturday, 25 August 2012

We love being a big family

 From an early age I would tell people I planned on having a large family.  By the age of 19 I was married and living in the USA in Kissimmee and was planning my brood. By 2004 I had put my body through 15 pregnancies resulting in 6 beautiful children and over the years I did a fair few media shots. I was looking through my portfolio in order to make my youngest a scrapbook and thought I would share her latest adventure with you in this weeks blog.
 Chloe is the youngest of my six she is now 7 years old and has been flexi schooling at her local junior school and homeschooling with me . During the summer we went to the opening of Mums in Business at the lounge. It proved to be  a great success for both of us . The venue is set off the road with plenty of parking. There was plenty for both of us to do the day we visited and lots of ideas to take on board as to how to keep her occupied. I met other mums who are juggling being a Mum and working from home and it was great to find a child friendly networking venue.
 Chloe got to do some hands on artwork with a lovely local artist called Karen. We were so impressed that we booked up for a super mother and daughter event and we went back to learn some more techniques together .
I think the nicest thing about networking with other Mums is they know why time with your children is so precious. We are all keen to skill swap and share ideas and all understand that a balance has to be struck between family and business. The encouragement and support I received over the Summer has made it far more pleasurable for my daughter and I . We have had some wonderful days out , met some lovely fellow net-workers and I think it is fair to say we have both learned a lot about our relationship as mother and daughter .  As I look at my children now I know time is passing me all to quickly and the time I have with my youngest is more precious than ever as we missed a lot of time together due to my illness. Every day is special now and I am so glad I discovered networking this year . Sometimes acceptance for who we are and what we do is enough to make it all worthwhile and whilst for now I may not get that from my children I do feel accepted by a group of Mums who like me are striving to find the balance.

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  1. It was a pleasure showing your lovely daughter New things she's a credit to you very polite and also very creative as we found out again this last week look forward to catching up with you both soon. xxc