Thursday, 6 September 2012

My Gut reaction ..Your Gut Instinct !

I do not intend to infringe copyright I merely show this two images so you can see something which I was shown. Many of us have little knowledge as to just how our gut is connected to our brains. We know that we get butterflies when we are anxious, we get pain when we are windy and some of you are lucky to still listen to your tummy when it signals to your brain that you are hungry and need food for energy.  I took my gut for granted . It was only when I began to loose weight rather suddenly and began visiting various doctors and specialists that I began to question at what point did I loose my Gut reaction?  I was diagnosed with IBS several years ago and to my disgust I had to endure 3 years of incontinence pads as I had no control over my bowel. I naturally assumed that when I became mobile things would 'naturally improve'. What I discovered was that I had a deep functional problem which had developed over time slowly confusing the signal to my brain - I ate not when I was hungry but when I was tired, I ate when I was sad and I also ate to celebrate . I stopped listening to my body and then over time became incapable of tuning into it.
I began a detox at first knowing at Christmas that I was one of the PIP ladies who would have to undergo explant I knew I had to do the best I could .  I knew from having tried many diet fads that I could not stick to any of them and due to my fibromyalgia that the advised increase in exercise was a no go area too - so what could I do?  My sister suggested I try a weight management plan and helped me devise a new snack regime , which worked for me . It was trial and error but I not only lost the weight but also began to feel full and satisfied.  My liver has sustained damage as it became sluggish and did not  aid my digestion it lacked the bile it needed. The bile is stored in the gall bladder until you eat food that contains fat. Then after eating it goes into the small intestine where if it is working correctly it should break up the fat and food particles. Into the small intestine it then breaks down into what we know as cholesterol,fat,toxins and wastes.  Fiber binds the cholesterol,fat , toxins and literally sweeps them out of your body.  In comparison the food I chose to snack on and the fibogel I was prescribed as a supplement over the 3 years simply filled me with gas and made me very sick but it was difficult for me to distinguish my sickness as I was on so much pain relief that I was incapable of feeling anything. I only wish someone had tried to show me some alternatives a few years ago when I was wheelchair bound as during this time my body was recirculating the cholesterol waste and toxins into my blood stream. They eventually lead to my liver where once more it was unable to process until enough fiber was digested to remove them from my body or through colonic irrigation at the hospital.
 This year I have had several endoscopic procedures, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy and other investigatory work down. I have done the best I can to reverse the damage caused by 3 years of sedentary enforced lifestyle. I only hope that whilst this blog may be a tad shocking or boring that you still have a choice - I urge you to think about your gut reaction - think about feeding and fueling your body regularly - think about how best to help eliminate toxins and most of all value your gut instinct - if you feel sluggish,lethargic ad windy  after a meal something needs addressing - you should feel energized and wide awake so it might be time to look at what you are prepared to change. I help people eliminate chemicals and toxins from their lives because I had to learn the hard way . You can find out more about what I do HERE 

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