Sunday, 16 September 2012

my mum0f6 survival kit :-) thanks to Marie for adding to my kit x

I wrote an article back in 2001 for a mainstream parenting magazine PRIMA Baby on the value of sleep and recently got an invite through media networking to an online facebook bodyshop party hosted by Marie as we had been chatting and she was hosting one of her online body shop parties.  If you have never done an online party ( I had not before this one) I can say it was lots of fun. We were encouraged to grab ourselves a cuppa and get comfy , had a bit of fun playing some games with the help of a link to one of the current catalogues . We chuckled to ourselves as we found ourselves flipping the virtual pages looking for clues to answer the questions asked by our host. I was lucky and won a couple of on the spot prizes and placed an order for the sleep therapy pack which arrived in a matter of days to my home . I have to say the repackaging is lovely , and the smell as relaxing as ever . I just wanted to thank everyone who took part to make such a fun evening - I was tucked up in bed in my Pjs and my hubby kept glancing over at me wondering what or who was making me laugh so much - it made for a very pleasant change . Virtual parties get the thumbs up from me :-)

My original article when it was known as 'Sleepy Head lavender oil' - thanks to Claire who let me know it was still available under a new name and more products in the range . 

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