Monday, 3 September 2012

There is more to life than shades of Grey embracing colour and Change!

Thank you to Caroline for my personalised Guardian Angel who inspired todays blog.

Well I finally unwrapped my Guardian Angel painting which I had chosen to have commissioned by a lovely local talented artist who I met through networking mummies Ltd .  I have two daughters who are fascinated with Angels and Auras and they were very keen for me to have my very own Angel to help me through some tough decisions. I have of course always enjoyed paintings particularly those of Angels as I find them very soothing . I have to say I had no idea what to expect so it came as quite a surprise to see how similar my painting was to an aura reading I had done back in 2010 - I dug out the notes on the colours and thought I would add them to my blog as a reminder that things are not always black and white .
Swapping stories over a cuppa x

1st my Head itself  representing thoughts Turquoise is often linked to thoughts about organizing and influencing others. Surrounding my head influencing my thoughts (color of a mustard): pain or lack of ease,possibly anger surpressed.
Then my Body blues  indicating, sustaining life, eased nerve system and energy. People with blue  are relaxed, feel ready to live in a cave and survive, they are born survivors. The mix of colours could indicate the need to relax the nerve system to achieve the balance of the mind or a thought about surviving. On my original reading from 2010 the colours where muddier and I was told that they would clearer within 3 years .
Then my grounding which in my original reading was shades of brown through orange again up through blue and green of the ocean she said they seemed  possibly connected with lots of travel and change or a strong connection to the planet or going green ( at the time of the reading this made no sense to me what soever as back then I was stuck in a wheelchair with nothing on the horizon other than my next nap !) She  had not seen this combination before she also pointed out the amount of white which she had picked up on - funny as Caroline said she had not painted one quite like this before either .She too felt it had something to do with travel and change and my overcoming my time in my chair .Just a coincidence , who knows ? My children loved both the picture and the seemingly connected  aura reading it makes a lovely story to a lovely piece of art - it is a magical  idea to think that we could be surrounded by more colour than we can actually perceive .

 Children live in a world of colour . Why should everything be black and white - there are more than shades of grey to life in between - a rainbow of glorious colours to explore .   If you fancy looking into some auric colour interpretations there is a lovely link that I was given to take a look at . I am sure my girls will continue with their love of angels and a fascination with art and colour and this will be one of many pictures they will cherish as something that they believe is strongly linked to their mummy . Thanks again Caroline for such a personalised experience the girls and I have loved it and we wish you every success with your future portraits .


  1. Very interesting Blog Article, i would like to know my Aura colours myself. Your blogs are always interesting to read and i learn from them.

    Hope you doing good,

    From Natalie Priest.

  2. Thank you Amanda, how amazing the link up between the painting and the aura reading!! The colours are even in the same places!! I hope your angel gives you many years of inspiration, comfort & joy.

    Love, Light & Blessings, Caroline

    If anybody is interested in seeing my paintings or even commissioning their own, please have a look at my website or facebook page :o)