Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Your enviroment your wealth - it's your choice!

What would you choose ?
 Yesterday I had to take leave my 7 yr old in the after-school club as I had yet another trip to see my specialist at the hospital and did not want little ears wagging. I was feeling pretty fed up with being passed from one doctor to another and had hoped that I would finally get some answers. Sadly they could not tell me anything I did not already know .  I still have to wait to see if the surgeon has 'any tricks up his sleeve'.
I have successfully chosen to change my environment and lifestyle. I made the choice early on to not drink alcohol as they did not mix with my medication. I chose to fight my illness at every stage and tackled each aggravating factor one at a time. I even found creative ways to get back to do the things that make me happy . So it was not very helpful to be told that a lot of my current ill health were caused during my inactivity and sedentary time in my chair and that many of the symptoms I am left with were caused by the medication I was forced to take for 8 years and the environment I was living in  . He suggested that in general terms  I was a chemically sensitive (which in his view is now under control); and that I must have a  very low pain thresh hold compared to the average person of my age.-  Naturally this made me very angry. I began my rant along the lines of .. I have had 6 children with little or no pain relief, I have even had a wisdom tooth pulled out without any anesthesia - in fact every opportunity I have had I have chosen to not be sedated nor to have any more medication than they felt was absolutely necessary.. I am lucky that my husband has a great sense of humour and as  he got a fit of the giggles he said "well if we had paid privately for all these years of so called medical help I would have demanded  to see a money back guarantee and something in writing telling me I had a choice ! " he then said basically all those fancy words about bowel obstructions and not knowing quite how to proceed, he may as well have said " you're full of sh*t  but you seem to be figuring out how to live with it  . Have a nice day ! "
It is good to laugh when you really have only the choice to laugh or to cry. Only when we are presented with two choices can we make a balanced decision for our wellbeing. Some people go through life without exploring choice. I could have sat in my chair and not tried anything different. I could have chosen to not have children and not expose myself to so many chronic infections - or could I ? How much choice did I have ?I had a lot of information before I had children and I do not regret that choice . I did not know what information I needed to avoid becoming chemically overloaded and no one had offered me any alternatives. A lot of the time I trusted others to make choices for me .It has only been in the last 10 months that I have been encouraged to try new things and have made such a huge change to my environment.  In turn I am determined to continue to help others and offer them some choice.
I just wanted to thank everyone for all their kind wishes and support as this metamorphosis continues 
special thanks to Ces for designing my first little advert to pop onto the Networking Mummies site. I was really chuffed to find that after such a frustrating day  I came home to a lovely set of blogging tools which I had ordered last week from her and cannot wait to see what she has in store for my facebook page .   More choices ahead , but with support and understanding I will get there in the end .This last step towards my wellbeing may be hard but I will not give up . I have the choice of opting for a stoma or finding other ways to deal with my left over symptoms . I will wait until I see the surgeon on the 23rd and with all the information to hand I will once more make a choice.
Do post your comments I would love to hear if you have had choices and whether you feel there are times when you are overwhelmed by choice itself . If you would like to know more about Fibromyalgia, CFS, PIP removal, detoxing your body and your environment a simpler smarter way then do get in touch and I will do the best I can to give you choices and if I can't I will find someone who can !

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  1. Except during the nine months before he draws his first breath, no man manages his affairs as well as a tree does.

    ~George Bernard Shaw