Saturday, 6 October 2012

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Thankyou for nominating me for the mumsclub award.
 It has been a fun week of networking and fundraising with some very talented mums. I attended the Wibble launch and had an amazing evening. I also wet along to get my leaders pack from networking mummies UK Ltd and had a lovely lunch with the other leaders from across the country and managed to come back full of ideas on how to make our events a good balance of online support to back up our face to face networking.
I also had the pleasure of being up for Serial Social Networking Queen with mumsclub alongside some very dear friends who I have voted for in their categories as they have supported me from my very first step into taking an idea forward into the business community. Ces has designed my new facebook image and my website and is the talented author of the light direction as well as hosting her own support group called Supportive Business Mum's VIP's and Venita also hosts her own support goup called SheBizPower Activity Group her mission statemets says it all : Offering ambitious & innovative women worldwide a platform to meet, connect, share & discuss. To support these women in their journey to business success by offering a.o. exposure, information, courses & meetings.
I now help lead a group on facebook for NWSURREY

Thank you to the ladies at Hampshire branch who nominated me for the month of October for supporting their activity x
So what is it like to go to your first networking meeting in real life as a mum ? It is actually a lot of fun. The nice thing about the networking mummies meetings I have attended is that they ae really relaxed.
Everyone gets a 60 second slot in which to introduce who they are , why they are here and what they hope to gain , some show short demonstrations and some share stories on products or their own personal success. We get to share ideas and join each other for workshops and taster sessions and children are welcome. Today I went to my first recruitment fayre and took my 7 yr old , we had a lovely 2 hours together with other mums and children and the time flew by. Of course more importantly for her she was nominated this week at school by her teacher as star of the week so we have Rory for the next few days and are doing a lovely activity diary on what Rory does when he leaves the shelf in the classoom.  I do think rewards are key with children and let's face it even when you have just had your 41st birthday there is nothing nicer than hearing that you too are up for an award . On that note I am about to reward myself with an early night and a lay in so my blog hop post will go up tonight . Whatever you do , take time to reward yourself with something - as mums we all work had and need a little 'me time' . I would encourage you to take a look at October is a magical month so take some time out x

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