Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hampshire Networking Mummies Business Mum of the Month Star for October

I have just been awarded Hampshire Networking Mummies Business Mum of the Month Star for October and been asked if I would blog a little about how I got it so here goes ..

If you have been following my blogs you will know I had a stroke in 2009 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, leaving me wheelchair-bound and chemically sensitive to just about everything. I was rushed back to hospital in July of last year to have a drain inseted to release the pressure compressing my optic nerve and discovered I had multiple chronic infections which has eroded my sinus wall and had a silicone leak into my lymph-nodes.  I had to undergo a full capsulotomy and removal of the PIP implants in January of this year and decided it was time to address some of the other toxins I had introduced into my life.  My sister ( )  introduced me to the idea of working from home after I achieved such a great result when trying the products to detox and loose weight myself. I was sceptical of changing brands, but soon realised that change is good and that we under estimate just how our everyday household products can impact our health and the health of our children . 

I did my research and found lots of people were having health issues who had written some great feedback on how the products worked. ( ) I soon learned there was more than banishing chemicals from my laundry and cleaning products. I chatted online with others about what they had tried .This encouraged me to even switch to safer skincare and make up products, before I knew it I had so many compliments that I looked better – They also wanted to know why I was no longer stuck in a wheelchair!

I went along to try my first networking meeting in Hampshire and I had to overcome the idea that I would have to step out of my comfort zone. At first I sold the membership to friends and family introducing them to a new way of shopping that was simple ,smarter and saved them money.Then I met with Tarryn Hunt  a wonderful coach who also leads the Hampshire branch and we explored the idea of stepping just 1% out of my comfort zone a day. She began encouraging me to develop a wider circle of influence.

I achieved my goal of beginning to build a team for myself and am growing in confidence daily. I made sure I stuck to my goals and kept track of the money I was saving by switching products and was able to use this to pay off my outstanding store cards and debt, taking the first step towards being debt free.    I made it into the Top 100 Business awards  so I was thrilled to see networking was more than worth it.Most of us would rather build relationships, ad most of us feel more confident taking advice from friends, we love to shop around, get the best deal and know who to ask for what , networking mummies provides the support you need and links you up with others in a fun and friendly manner .

I love the fact that I choose what hours to work and that I do not have monthly targets other than those I set myself to achieve. Even better I love the fact it does not feel like work at all – I describe myself as a dream maker and an avid listener – I listen to what people dream about doing and see if I can do anything towards helping that dream come true.  I work from home quite often from my comfy bed. Often mornings for me are very difficult so those are the days I work in PJ’s. I pace myself and it seems to work.

As you can see I was so inspired by the group I signed up to start a Surrey Group myself and spend just 5 hours a month on my own business with . I am chuffed to receive the award from Hampshire as the group is very friendly and interactive. The nice thing is we all support each other . I have sourced all sorts of things through networking from birthday cakes ,candles, jewellery,chocolate, better phone tariffs, yoga classes and so much more . Along the way I have made a fabulous network of friends who I meet up with monthly and in the meantime we have a great interactive page on Facebook which keeps me on my toes and reminds me I am not alone .

I would love to hear your cleaning and/or detox tips so do email me - perhaps you would even do a guest blog for me on going green. I am hoping a few of you will be inspired to get in touch. I will  of course run a competition for  anyone who writes to me with their story . Details of that will follow in Sundays usual Blog Hop .

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