Saturday, 20 October 2012

It is that time of year for sweets ..our neighbour hands out toothbrushes instead LOL!

 From the moment I first saw my baby scans I began to start taking more care of my body . Each pregnancy proving a tougher challenge on my teeth, hair and bones and I was determined to do everything I could to be the best 1st home for each child. Of course once they were born there were new challenges of teething, nursing,weaning and more recently 2nd teeth being coveted by my youngest who is currently walking around awaiting her first two big teeth. Everyone thinks their child has the cutest smile but how do we protect that smile with all of todays tempting treats especially at this time of year?
October in our house has always been a tricky balance with such a wide age gap between my children , what some of them found fun others simply down right hated. My son who has aspergers hated having his teeth cleaned . He would begin a tantrum as soon as he saw it was that time of day and no matter how many tricks I tried we struggled . At the age of 7 he had to have all his back teeth removed , it came as a huge shock as we had tried everything we could but his teeth were crumbling and they felt it would be better to remove them before they damaged the new teeth beneath. I felt the guilt any mum would feel as I stood by helps-less as I watched my son getting sedated.  After this traumatic event we found some great fingerbrushes online via the National Autistic Society and we set about with coloured timers and stickers for all of the children and we had everyone on board as no one wanted to go through what their brother had. Hi teeth at the back had gone so he was forced to learn to eat and chew with his front teeth . It took until his 14th birthday for all of his back teeth to grow in and he now has the pearliest whites anyone would be proud of. But he learned the hard way!
Sensitive teeth -ouch!

In 2002 Phoebe was diagnosed with meningitis resulting in hearing loss and loss of sight in one eye the only thing that got her through was the prompt medical attention she received and the fact that she had not dehydrated as she was being tandem fed along with her new baby brother - did you know breastfeeding not only helps with immunity but also is much better for your childs teeth?

With the countdown to Christmas ahead of us already I am relived to say that in this house we have 3 different flavoured natural toothpastes which the kids all use regularly and they have finally grown up enough to understand why I have been so eager for them to look after their teeth all these years . For me my challenge was how to best use up the last remaining toothpaste which never gets squeezed out by the kids , so I looked online and found the perfect cleaning tip. I am pleased to say the toothpaste is wonderful at cleaning /polishing up tarnished silver . I first tried it on some cutlery before thanksgiving last year and then just this morning I decided to wear my spoon bracelet and found it had tarnished , so i polished it up along with my silver earrings too and I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised. So as I was encouraged to run a competition I thought I would combine the two ideas ...Good luck to weaners, teethers and tantrum suffering mummies everywhere , my thoughts are with you x

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