Friday, 26 October 2012

Loosing track of time ..and thoughtful thankyou

Loosing track of time, forgetting what day of the week it is  all pretty normal for busy mums . For me with fibromyalgia & my  OCD it is a sign that I am doing to much and am feeling overloaded . So this week I thought I would extend Thursdays Thoughtful Thank-you idea onto my blog just to thank those of you who have supported my endeavor this year to change and to try so many new things.  Of course I have a 7 yr old who I can thank for telling me today is actually Friday , so I thank her for being on her toes.

I also wanted to thank the lovely networking mummies for having given me such a fabulous opportunity to lead the NWSURREY Facebook group for the 3 months  and I really hope they find a leader who will love it and keep it going as it is a fabulous way of getting support, making new friends, extending your networking and finding out about how other mums juggle business and family . I am thankful that they understand that right now I have to step back and am pleased to say my carers have stepped in already to help me out at home and I have begun new medication.

For me it is a huge time of change again and I am juggling moving house and more hospital appointments that I was not expecting this time of year.  I am very aware that I cannot do everything and that I need to focus on a few priorities at a time and have had a hard time deciding how much I can do over this winter . So I have also chosen to not continue with my work from home and am helping my team adjust as a new leader will be taking over allowing me time to get on top of my personal life and to pace myself.

When I began networking I was homeschooling and had hoped that my hospital trips would end over the Summer. In fact they have become so frequent that I have had to accept the help of others and place my youngest not only into mainstream school but some days into after-school club too. As a stay at home mum this is heartbreaking but right now I have to accept that I need the help.
 I  decided to accept the offer of going back to see a psychiatrist and the additional support from the counselling and am thankful for that too.

My son and daughter from my 2nd marriage only come home at every other weekend ,   in order for them to achieve their full potential and to fit in with their dads wishes I had to accept that they would be better off and that everything happens for a reason. I look forward to their extended half term and want to make the most of every minute with them whether it be baking or just chilling together every moment is precious and I was so proud of them in their parade it bought a tear to my eye.  My eldest son is moving out for the first time and I am really looking forward to helping him set up and bake him some healthy things to pop in his freezer.
I am thankful for every day that I get to spend with my family.

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