Saturday, 17 November 2012

Support Groups and the joys of social media and networking.

Hosting events and spreading the word via media and these days via internet ad social media .

Social networking from my scooter in 2009
 When I was 21 I had my first son . I read books on breastfeeding, watched a video on child birth and attended Lamaze classes and met up with my first ever mums-club for bumps and babes  in Florida. As a group we met and practiced breathing and relaxation classes and when our babies were born we met up at local play places like the Yellow Submarine in Old Town we also began a baby signing course and were amazed at how quickly our babies were keen to communicate their needs with us .
The support we gave each other made all the difference , we shared real emotions and helped each other and celebrated motherhood together. By the time I had my 15th pregnancy and 6th live birth I had already begun to write articles for media , continuing my plan to ensure others were supported and were given choices. I was met with adversity as I fed my children beyond a year , as I breastfed during labour, and tandem fed in public. I suggested people stand up and get moving during labour and tried all kinds of alternative therapies and oils writing about my experience as I discovered new things and wanting to share with others. I managed to maintain my choice of parenting style and whilst unconventional proved to be of interest to others and as time went on I hosted more events and became involved with several charities and organizations.  I think the reason support groups have extended onto the internet is simply because we are generally very busy as Mums.
We are also likely to be multi tasking as we bob on and off of twitter and Facebook . For me , with odd sleep patterns I could read and catch up on things at my own pace , I still host monthly meetings but these days they are for my friends with Fibromyalgia. Whilst I did manage a few outings when I was in my scooter, by the time I was in a mobility chair I pretty much relied on the internet and my virtual friends for support . These days I am out and about when I can be .
 I have met a lot of my virtual friends at a variety of events and hope to be able to continue to help Mums. Whilst I have made huge progress I have to face the fact that I am having to undergo further investigations on my health .
So I will be supporting as often as I can when I can. I would really like it if my blogs became more interactive so at this point I ask- what topic would you like to hear about ? Anyone that knows me will know I will blog on about anything - I would love to get some requests in so leave a question for me in the comment box x

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