Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Travelling back down memory lane

I was taking a look back at some of the articles on the post ONE SHOW blog from 2009 in which I took part in an attempt to highlight the impact our choices make on the planet and came across my old carbon footprint score and thought I would post it in this evenings blog 
91. At 2:17pm on 14 May 2009, Mum0f6 wrote:Okay the show was very keen to show the average V my large family , I wonder how a family of two actually stack up. For those of you who have worked out your carbon footprint her is our full scores:

Average 4.53 V Large family 5.38 on HEATING EMISSIONS

Average 1.62 V Large family 4.38 which was used on the show on ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES

Average 3.81 V Large family 3.36 Which includes 5 of y children flying abroad once a year with their Dads.If we discounted that travel we are well under average!

How about the Governments overall target which again was not discussed the grand total TARGET is 10.48 per household and what do we add up to currently before I finish insulating my loft 13.12 and as soon as my loft is finished it drops to 11.62 !!

Try it for yourselves and see what kind of carbon footprint you are making . The overall result lead me to my conclusion that the small increase on my footprint did not out-way the pleasurable life we lead as a large family and as the eldest of 5 children myself I know things do average out . As amongst us there are only 7 grandkids with little hope for anymore - as one of my sisters has often argued I had my siblings share and as she herself has none she makes the most of mine whenever she can !!At the end of the day in her house they run 2 cars still run same amount of equipment and go away 4 - 8 times a year ...I think more information should be out there rather than the current rather bias views within this blog ..
I then looked to see what our carbon footprint is today and updated the scores - I would love to see a comparison so do post your scores x

Update Have you checked yours - ours has improved vastly since we took part in the show .

Your footprint is
1.85 planets

  • food 20%
  • travel 20%
  • Home 21%
  • stuff 39%
  • We've also calculated your carbon footprint, which is 6.97 tonnes per annum

    After going through and checking off the things we already do it adjusted our result  I am pretty impressed with that !

    Your footprint is
    1.26 planets

  • food 27%
  • travel 18%
  • Home 26%
  • stuff 29%
  • We've also calculated your carbon footprint, which is 4.27 tonnes per annum

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