Monday, 17 December 2012

Reflecting on 60 seconds networking intro and the memorable dipping coin .

You may remember when I was actively networking that my favourite whilst doing my 60 seconds introduction was to dip a coin in the cleaner only to surprise everyone that during that time one half was clean and shiny with no scrubbing - with that in mind I share with you the following tips .No Chlorine no bleach , not a parlour trick just something I tried and tested!

My  mum came to visit recently and said how annoying it was to open the dishwasher and find that the tea stained cups still looked grotty, she set about spraying each of them with another of the cleaners you can see the 3 steps here - fresh from dishwasher yuck !-one quick spray- then rinse well!
 Of course for me the biggest challenge this year was eliminating bleach and chlorine from the house some of you know that my sister encouraged me to switch to a brand called Ecosense and became a Melaleuca marketing executive and had a go at starting my own little business to help my sister. It proved to be great fun as I learned a lot about labels and safety of products. I discovered a whole new range of products  that although I no longer run a business would never give up. I thought I would blog a little about what I love about the products and why for me it is a pleasure being a preferred customer but also why I chose not to continue with the business.

I was able to  buy 35 pts worth of products quite easily , which as many of you may know is the amount you are asked to purchase once a month to become a preferred customer and get not only a 30-40% discount but also 10% cashback advantage pounds.  In fact on average with a family of 8 I probably use around 100 pts but I like to budget so I do try and stick around the 35pts as this equates to approx £38-£50 worth of products.  One of the nice things is that it made me stream line my bathroom as you can see we have a his and hers set - how many excess products are cluttering up your shelves?
In my lower cabinet I have my first aid box , reusable cloth pads and just 2 cleaning products undiluted. So by the time I add them to 5 parts water into a spray bottle they go a long way to saving me time money and space.

 Of course with 6 children their bathroom tells a slightly different story but again we manage with the koala pals range for my 8 year old, the original melaleuca shampoos for my boys and the affinia range for my older daughters who have very long hair . No aerosols even though we get hairspray and even deoderant and antiperspirant from them too . We have all 3 toothpastes in a multipack with the dental floss, gum and mouthwash .

In the laundry room we have one shelf with super concentrated products , I fell in love with the fresh scent although I met many customers wh preferred the scent free range . I love the smell as I empty 3-4 loads of laundry a day onto my washing line and when I had a tumble dryer I used to add a bit of melasoft to a hand towel and throw it in as an anti static. Now I just add it into the wash as a fabric softener along with a small cap of eat prespot  into where I used to add a spot of bleach. I also mix up a spray with water 1/4 parts cleaner to pre spray any dried in stubborn stains and have been surprised as my girls use washable pads how clean they come out of the machine. Even socks with grass stains have retained their colour which was quite a challenge for any detergent to be honest.  Of course I have had the chance to try these products over the last year as their ethos is that anyone can build a business but to build one you need to truelly know the value of the products. I can tell you that whilst the products are not the cheapest on the market they are certainly good value for money.
So you may ask why I gave up recruiting and selling the membership ? -  The difficulty I had  is that I am a consumer and a mystery shopper by nature, not a sales lady. When you start the business you are not selling the products , the customer like you buys them direct from the company but what you are selling is the same  membership that you purchase with the exact same benefits which even now is hard to believe. There are a complex set of rules and earnings which if you want to know more about I would suggest you get in touch and I can introduce you to another business builder who I am sure will happily tell you more.
 I was happy to trust my sister and purchase the membership with their money back guarantee but I soon learned that many people mistrusted the concept and misguidedly thought I was selling products either as a party plan or an MLM style. The hardest thing for me was explaining that I did not host parties, I did not sell products . I could recommend based upon my personal experience but that at the time I was selling membership. Despite this I did well and soon became a Director , meanwhile my sister and her team grew in phenominal numbers across Canada and the USA and I saw their posts as they clearly could and would sell membership to anyone. I hit several obstacles , first on a health level I was only devoting 5 hours a week to doing what they refer to as critical activities . I have no doubt had I invested more of my time I would have achieve more. But I was content and wrote an article all about how I had saved and earned . Chuffed with the results and chuffed to have found something that worked. I also struggled with the idea that many of the customers I approached preferred to be a direct customer buying at full price never fully understanding the value and savings they would make , perhaps seeing me with 6 children they thought they would never buy enough to save? However I had one single gentleman who joined who proved even in a household of 1 he benefited from being preferred , maybe it was just about timing .
 I have never been terribly patient , but I feel that as my health had to become a priority that my decision to stop marketing was the right one for me. Now the pressure is off and I can blog when I feel like it helping others and raising awareness. I am no longer a Director I am happy being a preferred customer and I suspect now that I have converted my children we will all be customers for a long while yet. We love the idea that the company prides itself on the over 250 natural products and that unlike other companies they are doing their best to keep our waters free of chlorine and bleach playing their part to protect the environment. For me it may not have been the right business but as for a wise decision to switch and save - it gets the thumbs up !

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