Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Timing is everything

 I have not blogged in a while as I have been rather unaware of one day blending into the next. I had a follow up appointment with my psychiatrist as they had doubled my fluoxetine dose and instead of feeling better I began to feel much worse. Originally I was placed on fluoxetine as it is an ideal medication for fibromyalgia as it helps with mood but sadly the wrong dosage can as it turns out have quite a negative effect. I was rapid cycling and literally up and down within minutes let alone hours or days . He could only apologise once more as yet again I need to be weaned from one drug to another . The last one Seroquel had me suffering with tachycardia , breathless and caused double vision and it would seem that my body for a short while improves on the medication and then suddenly it takes a nasty swing in the opposite direction causing more side effects than benefits . So I was nervous of yet another change . I am now two weeks in and feeling a little more able to sit and write now and then . So my ramblings continue ..
 I have linked a new facebook page to my blog and am continueing to support the many talented local businesses who I met during my toe dipping experience into networking. There are a hug number of fantastic groups and community pages and websites devoted to networking and yet I am pleased to see that a few people are beginning to come on over and like the new page and are sharing what they are doing . It is nice to keep in touch and whilst I may not be well enough to network in real life the virtual world is still easy to access as is online shopping . So I hope you will find the page a useful free resource as well as an extension to mummy ramblings it will highlight those businesses which are making a difference to the environment and our wealth . It is my personal way of thanking everyone who supported me through my journey this year .
In my house we celebrate Christmas every other year, this year my children are off to Italy and Canada with their Dads and extended family so the usual baking and decorating is on hold. We are all boxed up awaiting news of our move to a new home. Something which came rather unexpectedly but which we are all adjusting to and now dare I say it even looking forward to. For us it will mean a new lifestyle, one we can just about afford. A smaller eco friendly home , with less gas and electric bills and less wasted space. Two of my children are now full time boarders thanks to their dad and my eldest is moving out so many new changes for the new year.
 If there is one new thing I have learned this year is that for my family timing is everything.  None of us likes change and none of us likes the unexpected but in time we are adjusting and together we will move on to a new adjusted lifestyle in the new year . It is never to late to change and every day we spend together is more precious than the day before . Time passes all to quick and as I look back over the Christmases gone by I smile at the memories of happier times.  Now it is time for me to plan my next visit back to the hospital for further tests in the hopes of getting some answers as to my prognosis before the children come back from their Christmas holidays.  https://www.facebook.com/Envirowealth

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