Monday, 28 January 2013

Laundry Piles return.keeping it eco friendly- doing the best I can ;-)

 May people have asked just how do I manage the laundry of a household of 8 and still do the best I can to keep it eco friendly well the picture above says far more about my current laundry status. I have narrowed down my products to just four from the ecosense line and have worked out that it costs on average 19 pence per load . I do have the luxury of a second hand 7kg top loader which washes on a cold wash and recycles its water. I do not have a tumble dryer instead I choose to hang my washing out each night saving on the electricity as well . I was introduced to these products by my sister who has 3 children of her own and gave them a trial run to see if they could keep with my children's daily antics and stains.
My youngest is forever the painter, gluer,  creater and is always covered in tell tail signs of daily artistry and you can also guess what she had for her breakfast lunch and tea by the time her clothes hit the laundry basket. for her clothes I tend to spray on diluted pre spot as it is 4 times concentrated it does go a long way and has a pleasant fresh smell to it. (For tougher paint stains I have resorted to asking my sisters advice and dabbed good old solumel on first but I have that under the kitchen sink anyway for general cleaning purposes.)
 Children do tend to get into everything in my house so it was important with a history of this for me to find something that should they open and taste the products they would not have an emergency dash to a & e . I still remember when my eldest had a passion for chewing soap bars and I found him foaming at the mouth at the age of 5 - I have never wanted to experience that awful feeling of fear ever since and these days with 4 of us in and out of the utility room I could no longer assume that things would be placed back where I expected them out of reach. These products tick that box for me as they do not contain any of the usual nasties and do not have the skull and cross bone warning .Mind you if these days any of mine could fit in a box this small for a discovery session I would be very surprised .
 Organising rotas and routines began in our house as my 5th child arrived , the need for a communication board arose and it rapidly took hold of the wall. We still have a board on which the children can check to see what needs doing including the laundry and the ironing . Since changing to these products I have also had to write down the instructions as to my surprise and their only a tiny capful of just 15ml is dispensed from the pump and is enough to do a whole load. I had to pop a reminder up as at first they were merrily pumping away cap fulls of soap to 'help' and I was getting a bubbly surprise on opening the machine lol !
Back in 2003 my 5th son began his messy faze , I assumed by now he would have outgrown in but needless to say eating is still his greatest pleasure and his favourite ketchup and chocolate stained t shirts do survive the new regime , so no complaints from him. I won't add a current photo of him in his smart uniform as he would inevitably disown me !
 My second eldest son who has always helped out in the kitchen being 'creative' now spends his days in whites at college learning the catering trade and for the first time has come to appreciate just how much laundry we generate ad how important that starch white can be when working with others . It took him awhile to get used to the new cleaning routine but now that he is on board it will be plain sailing and I can see that it has been worth while trying something different. I would love to hear what you have done to save time or money on laundry so do comment below and if you have blogged do leave me a link so I can pop over . Large families like mine may be unusual these days but I am determined to do the best I can to keep them clean and keep the costs down. Making mother nature smile and in turn making me smile too!

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