Friday, 11 January 2013

The importance of branding and recognising a logo.

 This week I was playing an app with my husband on recognizing logos we had a good chuckle as we competed against each other and then decided to work together on each level as the game became trickier as we went along. This lead me to taking a look at just how easy a logo is recognised within my facebook page. In fact very few people participated . But those of us who tried it found between 17-19 of these easy to recognise and remember. I was surprised at discovering some of the other interesting pages and really enjoyed browsing their pages and finding out a little more about each company but then I am a infomaniac lol

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The challenge of a small business is to create an interesting banner and logos to suit their personality and their individual business as well as to capture your interest as we are visual virtual shoppers. Hats off to these ladies who have converted visual shoppers into real life ones with their fun pages and regular social media networking. A website can often help too for example .The advantage of the second example is that whilst  acting as an agent/consultant she has a premade website  with a very strong branding so how do they compete - the answer is they don't have to.

 It is more about developing relationships online and in person when possible. Then comes the timing , perhaps a birthday coming up or a seasonal thing like Valentine's and that visual logo pops back into your head . Let's say for example you remember that supporting and shopping local is part of your news resolution and you pop back to browse your favourites.Usually the ones you have connected with and remembered along the way. So even on the web first impressions count and a unique logo goes a long way towards that.

 Your final decision as to what to buy where will be your choice but just how much do you feel that you are affected by this type of media?

 example 1

example 2
 There is a lot of support out there for small business and plenty of ways to get some presence in the social media networking arena. Have fun with it . Your never know where your logo may end up who or may be viewing it , the same goes for blogs and having fun with photos.
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