Friday, 29 March 2013

Feeling peachy and a couple of apps to keep my children busy last weekend .

 First of all I wanted to apologise for the lack of #daisychains regardings the apps the children were trying out - I will get round to it , in fact we have a few more reviews on their way so hope to have something fairly soon.
 In the meantime we were having a bit of a peach week having sourced a preloved designer prom dress and upcycling it with a bit of bling , this inspired the bespoke cake huge thanks to my talented cakey friend Nina as it matched beautifully.
Well it is Easter weekend and although I am all boxed up to hoping to be moved already. Frustrated with things . I did find a photo from when I had my first son and we used to make pompoms to sell them at Easter and deliver baskets made up with all sorts of fun filled things. This was our last Easter in the USA as by the next year things had taken a turn for the worse and we came home. This next one was taken in the homeless accommodation in which we took shelter  . Surrounded with boxes ready to move enjoying some more crafts and making the most of things . So here I sit surrounded by boxes awaiting news on a move date . The situation once more out of my hands . But thankfully my eldest has already moved out and has a place of his own and my other children are older and able to understand that this is a temporary state a mere hiccup along the way to a smoother life - or so I keep trying to convince myself .
Although I do have my days ! By Christmas of that same year we had been housed and we were still trying to be creative making our son a Bat cave and decorating empty boxes  to make it look more festive . We toughed it out then and and looking back I know I have to be sensible and just tough it out again. So back to my mummy ramblings -
So this year how have will I be keeping the children amused ? Well I decided to look into some apps and ask them each to find and that were free that they fancied and see what they could find that each of their siblings might also enjoy . 

 I gave the children a little nudge as we looked at recycling games there were several free  ones to choose from . The most popular was Recycle HD as it had a lot of information and was very easy to use and she liked seeing the instant rewards. She also did not have the frustration of getting it wrong and very soon was telling me about the game . My 11, 12 year old found the content too simple and yet they could see why she also chose recycle heroes too as whilst a bit young for either of them it did cause a fair bit of merriment as they each took a turn.

 Both apps were very infomative - I did not expect my 8 year old to explain to me that we should have packed using real popcorn like they used to but that it was okay that I had used old newspapers but not as much fun ! She also has some rather grand ideas on making tin flowers for the garden ( I had better not show them pininterest they will be wanting to recycle and upcycle projects all the time LOL !)
Then we looked at one which links back to my precious post on books - we had downloaded a super little app to show my youngest were her Nanny lived and were other family members were. We thought we would get it out and see what the older kids made of it . Soon enough my 12 year old was showing me Stonehenge , my 8 year old reaching over to press for audio and my 11 yr old asking when can he look up Southpole and some Explorer . Suddenly all three of them were chunterring on as they flipped literally from one side of the world to the other discovering clips . It was interesting to see the three of them were as interested in showing off their current knowledge but also used it as a sort of game . I am really looking forward to getting the actual book now to see how my youngest gets on with it .

 We even found the average CO2 emissions , population, and the kids will certainly look forward to using it for any projects , but something tells me it will be played with pretty regularly until we find another one that we can all enjoy together.
 You can find out more about books we love here

 We even had enough time to get my daughter to take another look at my website so that you can find and follow me as I know a few people are leaving comments as to how else to get in touch about specific posts .

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