Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy Mothers 2013.Give yourself a hug!

2002 My sister Sam and I prep a meal together for the very first time

Many years ago I wrote an article about how social media had enabled me to find and reunite with my two sisters and youngest brother and how it had been those first few virtual hugs that had begun what I thought at the time a healing of our long lost family. As mother's day approaches I cannot even begin to imagine how hard every year was for my mother to face the knowledge of not knowing where or what her children were doing. I am lucky as my children have chosen to swap their weekend with their dad's allowing 5 of my 6 home for the weekend which will be very pleasant indeed .

My mum visiting my siblings in the USA

When we eventually arranged to meet up things were of course very different , my youngest brother had been my sons best friend and nursery and spent many a tea time running around my flat as at the time I was housed in a temporary shelter for the homeless just above their nursery school. Now here they were virtual strangers with nothing in common and no memory of their past. My two sisters had also changed into teenagers and I was a mum of 5 and naturally whilst I wanted to like them , the fact was they had been bought up by a different mother and we just had different ways of dealing with things and through the course of events have only seen each other at two or three major events since then. My sister Sam and I are possibly the most able to empathize with each other as she is now a mum of 3 herself and we have spent more time together both in real time and via skype although naturally we still have our sibling disagreements lol !
My mum and I
I am lucky as I am the eldest daughter to my mum and remember and know more about her than my siblings, perhaps that is why even now at my age I still pick up the phone twice a week (sometimes more lol ) for a quick gossip. A catch up and to let her know we're thinking of her. She lives alone after what some would consider an amazing life of the swankiest parties and the greatest of advetures and travels, she is surrounded by people who admire and love her and I witnesses this when I attended the funeral earlier this year.
my ex mother in law who we call Nanny Pat with P & Q
Whilst she may not have her children again this year on Mothers day I hope she and some of the other ladies who have now become close 'sisters' with her have a lovely Sunday lunch together and treat themselves. After all it is not about having your children buy you something or even being there a lot of us have ether lost our children or our mothers due to forces beyond our control.
My Nan and I with my little sister Sam ( my mums mum passed away shortly after my first son was born)

 It is not about giving birth to a child yourself - think of all those innate natural motherly acts we do as women even on a day to day basis , sometimes for complete strangers .

When do you feel like a mum?
My reminder to do the best I can!
It is about celebrating that motherly love and accepting that you are doing the best you can. 
Did you know for example that when you wrap your arms around yourself that your own body is unable to differentiate whether the hug has not come you or from someone else .
Try it , and take a deep breath ad count to 3 and then breath out keep your arms wrapped round you ?

(my poppy sparkles necklace celebrating my family )
 However you would naturally respond to a hug at that given time is just how you will find yourself reacting . So go on give yourself a hug , remind yourself of all the motherly acts you do . Its all about making your environment better , improving your wealth ( which at times tbh = your health) and leaving you with something to think about . Its your Choice .
My finished Jute bag doing the best I can to use a recyclable bag that expresses my personality and shows of my new necklace and my #daisychains which I often share when I find something that inspires me and I want to share it with others.

                     And if like me you want to go a little further and treat yourself to a little something with a personal touch I can highly recommend the personal touch that both Viv and Sally gave to my gifts this year. I am sure they would love to help create something for you , not in time to celebrate mothers day but how about just to celebrate the motherhood ! The power of you or celebrate just being you ? Lets face it we never reward ourselves we?
       You can find out more about the talented artist who created my necklace and my bag here Poppy Sparkles and Cutie Pie Jute Bags and our lovely little community who are doing the best they can on facebook is Envirowealth - We know there are lots of pages to LiKe Love and Share , we just do the best we can , if you would like to get involved do get in touch . Have a great weekend x

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